Rosehips Rice Based

Rosehips Rice Based

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Buster Hypoallergenic Rice Based with Rosehips.
    • BUSTER DENTAL STICKS 110g: dogs between 11-22 lbs

    • BUSTER DENTAL STICKS 180g: dogs between 22-55 lbs

    • BUSTER DENTAL STICKS 270g: dogs over 55 lbs

    Rosehip is a proven source of natural  vitamins. It supports the immune system and ensures perfect digestion. Its antioxidant properties can contribute towards the prevention of harmful oxidization processes and keeping in check the effects of free radicals.

    Buster Hypoallergenic Rosehips raise the organism’s power of resistance, the flavoring inside have inflammatory, immune boosting impacts, and the pectins improve digestion. Vitamin C participates in the regulation of oxidation processes, strengthens the vessel walls, and boosts the defense ability of the organism against infections, diseases.

    Thanks to the purest natural raw ingredients like rosehip, this rice-based, super dog food stick provides effective treatment for dogs with dental health problems while also strengthens the immune system with the added natural vitamin C in rosehips and is recommended for dogs with  allergies.

    Great care has been devoted towards ensuring that only the purest and most natural raw ingredients are included in their composition, omitting any unhealthy ingredient that may be detrimental to the health of your dog. 

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