Natural Rice Based

Natural Rice Based

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Buster Hypoallergenic Rice Based - Unflavored.
  • BUSTER DENTAL STICKS 110g: dogs between 11-22 lbs

  • BUSTER DENTAL STICKS 180g: dogs between 22-55 lbs

  • BUSTER DENTAL STICKS 270g: dogs over 55 lbs

In today's world, many dogs exhibit sensitive digestive or allergic symptoms.  Dogs are predominantly allergic for chicken-based products, and some are allergic to cereal grains, so we have developed rice-based dental sticks that are free of artificial coloring and suits the dog's needs. 

For those dogs preferring stronger fragrances,  we created our rice-based products supplemented with beef, which we are happy to recommend  also to allergy-prone dogs. 


Our hypoallergenic unflavored, herbal and rosehip products are available in three sizes: 110g, 180g and 270g. 

  • BUSTER HYPOALLERGENIC 110g: dogs between 5-10 kg

  • BUSTER HYPOALLERGENIC 180g: dogs between 10-25 kg

  • BUSTER HYPOALLERGENIC 270g: dogs over 25 kg​


For those dogs who prefer more defined fragrances, or they tend to less accept meat-free varieties, we developed products with meat content.