Natural Corn Based

Natural Corn Based

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Buster Gluten Free Corn Based - Unflavored.
  • BUSTER DENTAL STICKS 110g: dogs between 11-22 lbs

  • BUSTER DENTAL STICKS 180g: dogs between 22-55 lbs

  • BUSTER DENTAL STICKS 270g: dogs over 55 lbs


Not recommended for puppies younger than 4 months.


In addition to our natural products, our rosehips and herbal collection have been developed to help with the vitamin intake of our dogs in a natural form. Our dental care products have been supplemented with ingredients that can contribute to the coordinated functioning of the immune system.

We use ingredients that meet the requirements for products intended for human consumption.


The ingredients we use are also emphasized in human food and are completely safe. 

For those dogs who prefer more defined fragrances, or they tend to less accept meat-free varieties, we developed products with meat content.